Following intense preparations, rehearsals, hard work and practice, Afikim children came well-prepared to a special talent show at the Zalman Aran school in Talpiot, Jerusalem.

The evening featured moving and entertaining performances by the children and their parents:

The entire evening was conducted by Oshra, Oriya, Adi and Amit, May, Sagi and Itai, the team of Afikim counselors at the Zalman Aran branch, who invested love and dedication in organizing this evening, together with the JVP volunteers working at Afikim as part of their national service.

The soloist, who brought tears to everyone’s eyes, said “the preparations, training, rehearsals gave me so much. I really enjoy singing. I love standing on stages and hearing the audience cheer me. I hope to participate in many more talent evenings. I will never forget the excitement of tonight.”

Moshe Lefkowitz, Director of Afikim, added that “we at Afikim work in a creative, varied and professional manner to give these children the best stage to voice their talents. At Afikim we benefit more from what these children give to us, than from what we give to them.”