This summer, Afikim B’kef summer camp in Kiryat Malachi will be run in partnership with Counterpoint Israel.

Counterpoint Israel is a service-learning model specially designed by Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future. From a pool of hundreds of students, Counterpoint Israel selects 12 YU students per Counterpoint Program.

The Day Camps have two primary goals:

  1. Improvement of English writing and oratory skills – This goal is achieved by running daily classes in English studies, and well as by stressing English as the main speaking language at camp. Classes will focus on teen issues and values and are enhanced by creative high tech methodology.
  2. Discovering and cultivating individual talents – every day, six workshops will be offered to the Afikim teens. Professional instructors run the workshops. The workshops are designed to produce immediate results, so that the teens constantly feel a sense of self-gratification, boosting their self-esteem and artistic expression – generally an undiscovered area in their lives. The workshops will culminate in a high profile closing event attended by many, where the teens perform and / or exhibit their work.

Afikim is looking forward to this very special opportunity to make the summer camp experience so much more meaningful and exciting, elevating the joint learning to a new and challenging level, and creating a small but powerful community of empowered youth.