We are pleased to invite you to view this week’s segment of the popular Israeli TV show בא לחדש לכם starring celebrity interior designer Moshik Galamin.

On this segment Moshik and his staff take on the Afikim Hanel Learning Center in Talpiot, Jerusalem and in just 12 hours the designers perform a miraculous makeover redesigning the center to reflect the true essence of the center – a home away from home to dozens of local children and youth.

The Afikim Hanel Center in Talpiot, in partnership with the Chantal Karei community center, provides warmth and comfort and a loving platform where students can express themselves, grow and develop both academically and socially. The Afikim Association believes that education and the right environment are the keys to future success and the remodeled Talpiot Learning Center is the epitome of that belief.

We are so proud that the Afikim center was selected to receive this gift of renewal, thanks to the Keren L’Yedidut, and we invite you to watch this segment and witness the physical changes that now emanates the positive energy of the center.