Afikim celebrated Afikim: Springs to Success in a special evening held at the Pitaya convention and events hall in Kfar Saba, on March 9, 2013, together with the launching of Grandma’s Star by Yuval Atad.

All income from the sale of the book was dedicated to Afikim. About 200 friends and acquaintances came to show support for Afikim and celebrate the launching of the new book.

It All Began From One Man Who Dreamed that Every Child Must Have a Dream
The event was initiated and produced by Moshe Shemesh, the strategic consultant for “Tzmicha Business Development,” a prime activist in Afikim and leading liaison with the business community. He told of his activities and involvement with Afikim, and how it all began with one man’s dream. Moshe Yosef Levkowitz, who dreamed that every child in Israel must have a dream that he can make come true. The dream … what he wants to be when he grows up.

Ilana Avital and Afikim Children’s Choir Performed
Ilana Avital and the Afikim Children’s Choir gave an emotional performance, with all those present joining in with all the songs.

Pitaya Manager and Staff Created a Special Menu
Pitaya, owned by Ronny Falach and Tzion Buktus, went out of their way to make the evening exceptionally meaningful for all the children and other guests. Chef Eliran prepared a special meal for this event.

Rabbi Benny Lau Gave an Emotional Speech
Rabbi Benny Lau, Head of the Beit Midrash for Social Justice and leader of the Ramban community in Jerusalem spoke of the connection between national-religious, haredi and secular communities that was evident in the room. The hope that Afikim gives to Israelis is not in the fish that many organizations feed their clientele, but in the provision of tools and the fishing-rod to make the necessary changes.

Rabbi Lau announced that the Ramban community contributes significantly to the development and strengthening of Afikim and chose to give the large amount it raised as “Maot Chitin” as a donation to Afikim.

Moshe Yosef Levkowitz, thanked all those present and noted that, despite the chilly weather, everyone chose to come and give true strength and support to Afikim, to encourage it to continue expanding its activities and reaping success.

At the Passover Seder, each person leaves his door slightly open for any possible visitor. More than this, Afikim provides the tools to enable all families to celebrate true “organization” (seder) in their lives and turn them from those in need into providers.

Eran Rolls Hugged the Children
Eran Rolls announced that he was very excited to participate in such important activities on an evening like this, and see the wonderful Afikim children.

Launching Grandma’s Star
The ceremony was very emotional, the Afikim choir sang spring songs and even dedicated a special song to Yuval Atad and Grandma’s Star. Yuval Atad, internet entrepreneur and author of Grandma’s Star, could not hide his emotions.

The book deals with loss. How to describe a new reality to children? What happens when a close person we love is no longer here? Yuval is a father of three, who dealt with the dilemma of helping children cope with various situations through honesty and sensitivity. This book, with its beautiful pictures, gives parents ways to help children, and themselves, cope with loss with a smile and love, giving creative space to one’s imagination and respect to the feelings of young children suffering from loss.

Yuval said that he was delighted to participate in an evening dedicated to helping others and ensuring the success of all Israeli children.

Yuval thanked those present for the opportunity of donating the income form his book to such an important goal; the success of all children in Israel.

Limor Atad, Yuval’s wife, his children and Lilach Domigez, head of Grandma’s Star’s spokesman’s team, helped in producing this event.

Ofer Domigez, narrator of the book, and presenter of a morning program on Tel Aviv Radio and Golstar celebrity, told the audience that he had grown up without a father, had spent many years in boarding schools and emphasized the importance of an organization like Afikim, which follows the doctrine of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach: “every child needs an adult to believe in him, to give him support and encouragement. Every child needs an adult to love him and believe in him; just like Afikim.”