After days and nights of sirens and sleeping in shelters, Afikim arranged for its students in Kiryat Malachi to spend a day in the center of the country and enjoy a day full of surprises.

Following a delicious breakfast, the children toured Israel from the North to the south in just three hours! A tour like that can only take place in MiniIsrael where all of Israel is laid out in miniature. It was the first time the children had been there and they reveled in running up and down the country in record time.

Not yet tired out, the children enjoyed a picnic lunch in the picturesque Park Anabe in Modiin and ended their day of fun with a competitive game of bowling followed by a light supper. Before they returned home, the residents of Modiin delivered boxes of gifts and toys to entertain the children while school was closed.

One of the volunteers who escorted the group was amazed by the children’s ability to recuperate. “It was a day to relax, and forget about the hours spent in shelters. You could see the tension drop off their shoulders as the day progressed”.