Artist and painter Michelle Katz volunteers for the “Future Artists” program at Afikim, where she runs art workshops together with Afikim’s professional instructors.

Michelle Katz claims that “Afikim children are creative and talented. They give me much more than I give them. They give warmth, love and loads of talent. Afikim accompanies the children and their parents for six years, from third to eighth grade. Afikim’s model promotes creativity, listening and nurturing of inner talents. I have met many very talented children and high-quality and professional teachers at Afikim. It is not surprising that Afikim is highly regarded amongst educators and experts in the field of child development; it is clear from the varied enrichment and artistic programs provided to the children.

Afikim nurtures the child and his/her parents and ensures the provision of excellent educational programs to the children, including art, and effective parenting tools to the parents. I am happy to be part of this organization and to teach the Future Artists program, which nurtures these little diamonds and gives them skills and support.”