Marty Elmekies and Michael Sutton celebrated their Bar Mitzvah without forgetting those in need.

They included Afikim in their celebrations by spending the evening in such a beautiful way: the Bar Mitzvah boys and their families came to the Afikim Har Homa branch where they were greeted by an excited group of boys and girls and a great band playing music to welcome them. An activity was held where the children, as well as the family, hosting the Bar Mitzvah had the opportunity to make instruments of their own.  The night then followed on with more fantastic music and great fun between the family holding the simcha and the children from our Afikim programmes.

By the end of the evening, it was clear to see how inspired and moved the family were. Upon leaving they couldn’t express enough how touched they were to see the smiles they had put onto the children’s faces.

In anticipation of the event, each Afikim child contributed towards a gift for the Bar Mitzvah boys and prepared a personalized book of blessings for Marty and Michael. Mazal Tov to all!