Coronavirus – Five-hundred families need your support

Many Afikim parents have lost even their menial jobs in the wake of the crisis and now have absolutely no means to provide for their families. Dear Friends, As you know, for 13 years Afikim has cared for thousands of children and families at risk by providing loving attention, nutritional meals, educational programming, and much […]

Gap Year Students as Big Brothers for Afikim children

Yeshiva Erez Hatzvi is a Zionistic yeshiva for intellectual young men from abroad who are post high school. Before these young men go off to Ivy League universities they come to Israel to strengthen their Zionism, Judaism, and spirituality. Part of the yeshiva’s program is that every Monday night their student’s volunteer. Twelve of these […]

Afikim is featured on Israel’s Channel 2 Leading Lifestyle Program

We are pleased to invite you to view this week’s segment of the popular Israeli TV show בא לחדש לכם starring celebrity interior designer Moshik Galamin. On this segment Moshik and his staff take on the Afikim Hanel Learning Center in Talpiot, Jerusalem and in just 12 hours the designers perform a miraculous makeover redesigning […]


Students learning at the Orayta Yeshiva in the Old City spend one afternoon a week volunteering with the Afikim children as big brothers and English tutors.  This program has been a resounding success since it was initiated 3 years ago by Orayta director Noam Himelstein.


Dafna Berger and Ayelet Bak of Modiin both celebrated their Bat Mitzvah on Purim and used the opportunity to remember the Afikim children in Jerusalem. At each Bat Mitzvah guests were invited to bring treats to be distributed to the Afikim children. The girls visited the Talpiot Afikim center and Ayelet, a budding artist, led the […]


The children in the Afikim Talpiot branch could barely contain their excitement when the newly wedded couple Camille and Jonas Eisenberg, grandchildren of Rabbi Josy Eisenberg, president of Friends of Afikim in France & Switzerland decided to host sheva brachot in the Afikim center. Afikim grandparents, parents and children came together for a lovely catered lunch and […]

Early Purim Fun

Teenagers from Yishuv Bat Ayin  refused to let themselves be brought down by recent terror attacks in the Gush Etzion area and sought to create joy by spreading joy to those in need. On Purim Katan, in Adar I, the youth organized a fun and original Purim carnival for the Afikim children in Jerusalem.


Afikim’s Evening of Excellence 2 was held once again in Palm Beach Florida and featured Cantor Netanel Hershtik and the Hampton Choir. Initiated by Rabbi Moshe & Dinie Scheiner the evening is organized and supported by friends of Afikim in Palm Beach and Boca Raton and was a spectacular success with over 150 people in […]


In an emotional and heartwarming ceremony, the Afikim center in Ramot was dedicated in memory of Moshe, Yaakov and Rachel Salmanowitz by their grandchildren Richard and Elizabeth Salmanowitz and their children.  In a heartfelt speech Richard Salmanowitz told the children and those in attendance stories about his grandparents and great grandparents in Latvia. Family legend talks of a […]


Mrs. Beverly Rockman celebrated her 70th Birthday and honored Afikim by asking friends and family to donate to Afikim in lieu of gifts. Afikim was proud to be remembered on this very special occasion and wish Mrs. Rockman many more years of celebration in health and happiness.