Covid-19 Response

Dear friends, Thanks to your support, Afikim has distributed to its families under lockdown:

  • Over 430,000nis worth of grocery vouchers ( approx.. 100nis per family)
  • 270 learning kits for distance learning
  • 270 new board games, home sports equipment and toys
  • 200 workbooks and coloring books
  • 250 food packages
  • 70 new tablets
  • 18 new laptops
  • Internet cameras and internet hook-ups

Together, staff, volunteers and supporters serve provided one another a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear and a caring heart during these difficult times. It is heartwarming to know that in times of crisis, as in times of routine, we can rely on one another.

Wishing you and yours a healthy summer and swift recovery,
ml_sn jg_sn gila_sn
Moshe Y. Lefkowitz Jason Gardner Gila Rockman
Director, Afikim Emergency Campaign #Stronger_together