Eve and Stuart Pinkert from Chicago visited the after school center named in their honor, in Kiryat Shmona

Emotional visit
An emotional visit took place in mid-December at the Afikim after school center in Kiryat Shmona, when Eve and Stuart Pinkert and their extended family came from Chicago to visit Israel’s northern city.

Vision and Connecting People
The Pinkert’s vision is investment in Israel’s future generation. They believe that the children of Israel are the foundation of our national strength. These are the building bricks of a healthy, strong and contributing Israeli society.

The Connection was Instant
The relationship between the Pinkert family and the Afikim children was instant. The guests from America, laden with gifts, were welcomed warmly by the Afikim children and immediately joined the social program at the center: baking, ball games, and other activities. The children even exchanged Facebook addresses with the Afikim children. Obvious from the start was that language was not an obstacle; love and happiness brought them all together.

From Chicago to Kiryat Shmona with Love
According to Stuart Pinkert, “Afikim provides a wonderful program, with warm educational and emotional support for children, to prevent them from roaming, the streets and gives them a place to be.”

The Afikim staff and children look forward to the next time the Pinkerts come to visit their home away from home at the Pinkert Afikim Family Center in Kiryat Shmona.