Dear Friends,
This past summer I was fortunate enough to visit Eretz Yisroel for the very first time! The trip was an incredible gift from my grand-mother to commemorate my up-coming Bat-Mitzvah. It was also a time for me to reflect on my obligations as a Jew helping others.

When I was growing up, I had the zchut (privilege) to know my great-grandmother Suri Rosenberg A’H. She was a gentle, kind, beautiful, wise woman, who was also a Holocaust Survivor.The things that were most important to her and the standard by how she lived her life are the legacy she left : tefilah, mitzvot, tzedaka ,chesed and compassion for others. She made every grandchild (my mother) and greatgrandchild feel special. One of the things I treasure most is a satin cape she made me for Purim when I was five years old. When I put on that gold cape with hand-sewn rhinestones, I truly felt like Queen Esther! My great-grandmother adored children and so, in her memory I am pledging to help the children of Afikim.

B’ezrat Hashem, I am rallying all my friends and classmates and people in my community to help me send clothes to Afikim. I want the girls to feel the same thrill I did when I twirled around in my cape on Purim! I want the girls to feel as happy as I do when my mother or grand-mother buy me something to wear! I know and read about all that Afikim does for kids and their parents who have so few resources: after school programs and a six year committment so that they can achieve a better life for themselves. I am sure too that there is very little money in the budget for fun clothes, and so, because I know that my Bobbi-Suri would have personally helped me launch this project, I will take it upon myself. I and my family will do everything we can to make this happen! It is also entirely possible that my grandmother Esther will sew many capes and send them to the kids for Purim. Imagine them, the princesses of Afikim! Please let them know that I and my family care!