Hi!  I’m Amalia and I live in Israel, which is a big and great privilege. I am turning 12 on June 19 (ט״ז סיון). My whole life I’ve wanted to do something that helps others: helping other kids and families that maybe have trouble. And now I am. In preparation for my Bat Mitzvah, I’ve decided to raise money and build an exciting game center, that we are calling Pinat Hakesem (magical corner), in the Afikim learning center in Pisgat Zeev. I want the kids who are growing up in families that cannot provide their needs to have a place to go that can make them happy and feel at home. 

I know that I am so lucky and blessed to have a loving family, good friends, and so many things I get to enjoy – sometimes I even get stuff when I immediately want them! But there are kids out there that have almost nothing. Afikim centers give these kids classes, food and an environment they can succeed in when they aren’t safe at home. I want to make sure that these kids, like other kids, also have fun – a lot of fun – because they are kids after all, and all kids deserve to have some fun!

Mostly, I just want to help as much as possible. So after all this Corona business ends, I will be volunteering every month at the center to lead fun activities with the Afikim kids.

Especially now, with Corona, it’s a very scary time. Many Afikim parents have lost even the small jobs they had and have absolutely no way to provide even food for their families. I think about how scared I am these days and wonder how the kids who are not safe even at home must be feeling. These kids are finally allowed to go back to Afikim in small groups for a few hours each day and they deserve for those few hours to be amazing. So I aim to raise money to build a happy fun space for the kids, and if we can raise even more, the extra money will go toward food for these families during these very uncertain times.

Thank you for reading and for taking part in such an important cause in honor of my bat mitzvah!