Afikim is known as the “Israel Family Enrichment Center”. The Afikim Center in Kiryat Malachi lives up to its namesake by providing a warm environment for struggling children-at-risk and families. The Kiryat Malachi Afikim Center is especially crucial in building confidence, esteem, and hope among the many immigrant children who attend the Netzach Israel School.

Afikim builds the character of the children, strengthens their academic and social skills, provides nourishing meals, and teaches important skills to their parents during its unique 6-year program.

The goal of the Afikim Tech Center, a Bar Mitzvah project of a very special young man, David Rice, is to build a rich learning environment which allows the students – almost all of whom are from economically deprived families-to use computers which they lack at home. It will also enable them to use special programs involving photography, editing, animation, etc. Age-appropriate music and film DVD’s as well as video games will be available for the use of the children.

The theme of the Afikim Tech Center is to empower kids through technology.

The Tech Center will aim to enrich the students’ computer knowledge and skills. It will provide them with tools to develop their expressive powers, strengthen their self-esteem and stimulate their imagination as they create computer-generated products reflecting themselves, their families and roots.

Creating a Tech Center will enable the children to learn under optimal conditions and develop their ambitions and talents. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who support this cause for giving these disadvantaged children this truly unique opportunity.