Rebecca, a student in a NJ Middle School, has always been a loyal friend, caring sister and a loving daughter. She is involved in all aspects of her school, particularly sports and music. Rebecca plays tennis competitively, is on the town’s softball team and competes in state wide piano competitions. She also feels strong ties to Israel and a need to help Jewish causes. With her Bat Mitzvah just around the corner, it was only natural that she seek a mitzvah project that would combine as many of her passions as possible � her search brought her to the Afikim Family Association’s music program for disadvantaged children.

In honor of her Bat Mitzvah, Rebecca has decided to share her love for music with the children of Afikim. Afikim children, from underprivileged and troubled homes, are committed to pursuing academic and personal excellence in order to extricate themselves from the cycle of poverty that surrounds them. For these children, music is a powerful tool to promote understanding, build self-esteem and encourage cooperation.

The Afikim music program empowers the children to communicate in non-violent and positive ways and encourages them to excel beyond academics to develop their potential in many different ways.

This year’s music program, supported by the Mandel family and friends, WANDERING NOTES, celebrates music from around the world creating a dialogue on multi cultural diversity and celebration of ethnicities. Like all facets of Afikim, WANDERING NOTES helps close the achievement gap between disadvantaged children and those from higher socio-economic backgrounds.

To sponsor a child’s participation in the Wandering Notes enrichment program and to further Rebecca’s goal of affording every Afikim child a chance to grow and excel click here.