For the past couple of years Afikim has been lucky enough to have a mission, affiliated with the Yeshiva of Flatbush, come to volunteer with the children of Afikim.

On May 15th a group of fifty men and women came to spend the morning at the Afikim After School Center in Ramot.

There were fun activities that the volunteers and children enjoyed together. They decorated fun and beautiful cakes for the children to take home. The volunteers brought several presents for the children of Afikim, who were astonished to not only be receiving gifts but to have also spent an amazing morning with equally amazing volunteers.

As a reminder of the special time they had together they also had their picture taken and put on a magnet. In the pictures below you are really able to see the connection between the volunteers and the children. It almost looks like they have known one another for months or possibly even years.

Afikim loves our volunteers just as much (if not even more) as our volunteers love Afikim. We look forward to seeing these faces and maybe even more next year!