The “Women of valour” venture

People often ignore Israel’s unsung heroes: the thousands of women who were left to hold the fort alone, while their husbands went off to fight for peace in our homeland.

Juggling remote work, housework and child care, all in the midst of war, and alone is an almost impossible task.

We, a group of women from the Givat Mordechai neighborhood located in the center of Jerusalem, immediately started with the outbreak of the war to support our friends, the women of the neighborhood, mostly young women with children, by sending delicious booster packs – twice a week and organizing 2-4 meals a week upon request. Within a week the group grew to 50 families and will see significant growth during the month.

We want to reach more women in our neighborhood and in the surrounding neighborhoods that don’t receive a response, to prepare more meals and strengthen the treats, but it can be very expensive.

This is where you enter:

We would appreciate it if you could help us by sponsoring a meal for the family. If you can pay for it, we can do it!

An average dinner for 5 costs approximately:

  • NIS 100
  • R478
  • $25
  • 25 euros

For questions or bank details, please contact Adi Werner