This academic year saw the inclusion of 2 new branches to Afikim.

In addition to the Afikim Bet Hanel Learning Center in Talpiot that caters to junior high and high school students, Afikim opened its doors to elementary aged students living in the Talpiot tenements.

The center is located in the heart of the neighborhood in what is known as Bet Hakehila (the community house). Participants represent the large Ethiopian population in the neighborhood and the Afikim center has been a welcome addition to the myriad of activities provided to this very needy community.

The Afikim Bet Hanel Learning Center in Pisgat Zev opened its doors this October and joins Afikim’s learning centers for junior high and high school students in Lod, Kiryat Malachi and Jerusalem. The learning centers are designed specifically for older youth and provide more personalized teaching with intent to aid the students in their matriculation exams.