Afternoon Youth Centers

Over the six year program, disadvantaged children develop the self-assurance and social tools to succeed in school, serve in the Israeli army, and become productive, contributing members of society.

Answering the Needs of Each Child

Working in small groups of no more than 10 per class, Afikim’s teachers strive to give each and every child the care and attention that builds self-confidence and knowledge. Afikim centers are run by coordinators, who act as a liaison between the children’s parents and their teachers, making regular home visits to assess their needs. They ensure that each child receives essential items such as school supplies and clothing, whenever needed.

Each child receives two meals a day at the center – a warm nutritious lunch and a light dinner before returning home. 

Give a child the gift of a better life and brighter future!

Afternoon Learning Centers

These facilities for elementary school children focus on developing each child’s potential to succeed and advance towards excellence. Each center, staffed by professional teachers and counselors, operates five days a week, providing lessons in Hebrew, mathematics, English, computer classes and enrichment in dance, music, sport, plus lessons in life skills and values.

These centers for children in grades 1-6 provide an opportunity for children on court order to remain in their homes while receiving relevant care and education similar to those in our afternoon learning centers. Afikim also provides holistic therapeutic care for the family through emotional therapies and ongoing supervision by social workers. (Participation in the Afikim program is officially recognized by the Welfare Department as a positive alternative to removal from family & community to foster care.)

Advanced Learning Centers

These programs for children in grades 7-12 focus on providing academic and emotional help to advance students towards a full high school matriculation certificate and beyond to institutions of higher learning and professional training. The oldest students receive support and guidance in their army preparations, with a majority of graduates going on to serve in combat duty.

We need your help!

Love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at the Afikim center. Not to mention – attention, kindness, a comforting atmosphere, academic help and, of course, a warm meal.