Our Mission

Afikim provides children at-risk in Israel, and their parents, with tools to escape the cycle of poverty. Afikim’s unique programs include a comprehensive and holistic approach that works together with the children and their families.

provide academic and emotional help for students. In small groups they receive tutoring, enrichment programs and lessons in life skills, supervision by social workers, and nutritious meals. Older students receive support and guidance preparing for the army, advanced education, and career guidance.

provide professional guidance and direction to the parents of Afikim children. The program includes bi-weekly meetings with professional moderators who provide parental guidance; cultural and social activities; individualized family support and, most significantly, workshops in financial literacy and planning. Participating parents receive digitalized grocery shopping cards designed to assist with their everyday expenses.

designed to relieve the financial burden, both of applying to, and attending university for Afikim graduates who do not have support (financial or otherwise) to pursue advanced studies.

Afikei Shachar, coordinated by a professional counselor, offers both post-army guidance and academic scholarships to Afikim graduates. In return, the students volunteer at Afikim centers and give back to the community, and provide ideal role models for the younger Afikim generation.

Established in memory of Sarah & Chaim Swimmer

make school holidays and summer vacations fun for disadvantaged children. With long, empty hours to fill, and little or no parental supervision, these children are at risk for anti-social, dangerous, and/or criminal activity. To keep vacation time structured, constructive, and fun, Afikim B’Kef (“Fun”) Day Camps offer supervised recreational activities including swimming, amusement park and other outings, sports competitions, contests, crafts, and more.

We know that every child, no matter how diligent and dedicated, cannot learn and grow on an empty and grumbling stomach. That is why at Afikim we give the children not only food for thought, but also nutritious meals that enable thought, good health, growth and development, as each and every child deserves.

In addition, Afikim provides the children’s families with financial assistance including gift vouchers for grocery purchases, distribution of warm coats, shoes, and other necessary items enabling families to lift their heads in self-respect.

We need your help!

Love, joy & happiness – these are the gifts the children receive at the Afikim center. Not to mention – attention, kindness, a comforting atmosphere, academic help and, of course, a warm meal.